Once in a while those Angel Hugs happen in the biggest way. This page is for those great moments when we know our kids are making things happen so that we will know they are OK and still sending their love. How lucky we have our angels.
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Julane, I just wanted to share an angel hug with you. Our precious son, Chad, has a horse named "Magic". She is solid black with no white markings. We bred her to a buckskin horse with no white markings. She just delivered (6/6/2000) a beautiful buckskin colt with a perfect white "C" on his forehead. We just couldnt believe it. It just has to be a "hug" for us from our angel. We have named him "Chads Golden Magic" and we call him CJ (Chad Justin) 
Sincerely, Gloria Purser

I want to share something with you. I will try to be brief. Bryan was killed on a Saturday evening and as you well know, I was a total absolute wreck. On Monday morning, I went to one of the local walk-in doctor's offices still crying hysterically. I told the nurse that I needed to see a doctor. "I need something to calm me down just some. I want to feel all the pain I am suppose to feel but I need some help". She asked me if I was the mother of the boy that was killed over the weekend that had been in the morning paper. I cried even harder. I had not seen the paper. She told me that she was going to put me in a room in the back. Half the lights are burnt out in that room and she thought that would be a better place for me ...subdued lighting. I told her my story and begged her please to tell the doctor. Please do not make me have to repeat my story. Once she left, I calmed down some. I slumped back in a chair with my legs outstretched and dropped my chin to my chest. I guess I felt I was in a place where I could finally get some help...some peace. Surely the doctor could help me! As I was sitting there with my eyes closed waiting for the doctor, I "saw" a blueish-greyish oval image that appeared to be moving ever so slightly. I really paid it no attention but just sat there patiently waiting for the doctor. The image slowly moved toward me until it got right in front of my face. Then two lips appeared. Without opening my eyes and I really did not know then what I was doing, I leaned forward in my chair and kissed the two lips. The door opened and the doctor walked in with me leaning forward and "kissing the air". I looked at her dumbfounded and said, "You will NEVER believe what just happened". "What?" "My son just kissed me goodbye." She bit her bottom lip and walked out the door. The same nurse came back in and held me ever so tightly and prayed with me. Thanks for letting me tell these stories. Guess I had to get them out of my head.

Our children are with us! With lots of love and admiration for the support you give us. Mickey Godfrey, Charleston, SC

My son's name is Calvin Michael Boros.....born 11-2-76.....passed on 1-1-2000 The picture was taken March 6, 2000 by my daughter. She went to visit his grave and just took some pictures while she was there. When she developed them, that is what showed up. He was just letting me know he was OK. It gives me a lot of peace......Carina

We bought a puppy on Sunday evening, Fathers Day. On the way home we discussed what her name should be. We finally decided on Phoebe. Well, we stopped at the cemetary to show Phoebe to Rosie. (glad the caretakers didn't see us there.)

I stayed in the car with Noah while Doug took the puppy over to Rosie. I visit Rosie often and put colorforms on the vault door. I decorate for holidays and bring special things that relate to special days. Other times I just put up Blues Clues or Pooh or Sesame Street colorforms. As Doug walked over he saw a colorform of the dog "Magenta" from Blues Clues. When he got closer he realized there were no stickers on the wall at all! So guess what our dogs name, not Phoebe. Her name is Magenta. We just assumed Rosie named her for us. Heck, if Rosie were here, there is a very good chance that is what she would have named her, and who would contest it? Not me. I am glad Rosie named her brother, Noah and now our dog, Magenta!

Whether this was really a sign or just a strong imagination at work on an emotional day (Fathers Day and Doug's Birthday) I don't care, to me, Rosie named this puppy. Anne (See Rosie in Darren's Friends in Heaven Album)

Rosie and Noah

 When Ann sent me this photo with her Easter wishes, I was thrilled when she said I could put it on this page. Noah was born about 4 months after Rosie died. Of course they are brother and sister but this computer altered image puts them together and can bring a smile to all of us. 


Hi Julane, I just had to write you!
Our son, David, knew how I was always fixing the clocks for the right time. I hated when the clocks would be off by more than a couple minutes one way or other. And, how much his mother hated it when he would leave the closed captioning on on the TV.

The alarm in our bedroom quit working, then the clock, itself, quit altogether. Then a few days later our clocks would be off by hours as the clock in our bedroom was all of a sudden an hour behind, and when we came downstairs the kitchen clock would be an hour ahead! Then the time on the TV in our bedroom was way off, as was the one in the living room. These, too, were off by hours one way or other. Several other family members' clocks were doing strange things, also. Grandma is almost a thousand miles away and her clocks were stopping and they had new batteries in them!

Also, he would stay up late watching TV, turn the sound down as to not disturb us and then he would turn on the closed captioning. His mom would always tell him to turn it off but he would forget. Well, after he had passed away, the closed captioning would be on on the TV in the living room and no one had turned it on. This happened a few times and quit as suddenly as it started.

I have a calculator that has a voice recorder so that you can put a short message or memo on it. One day we were just goofing around with it and there was a goofy laugh left on there. Sometime later, mom and Joey were talking about Dave and some of the things he used to do and just trying to comfort each other, and all of a sudden this laugh would come on with no one by the calculator! This happened a couple times just when they were talking about him! Didn't do it before this and hasn't done it since. Thank you for the beautiful work you have done to your pages. Karen, Ron and Joey Landa (\o/)

Clint with his angel

When you look at his picture, you will see the image of an Angel floating beside Clint. It looks like she's kissing him on the head. We had been Christmas shopping and I just took some pictures. We developed them about 3 weeks after he had passed. I was so surprised when I saw this. Love, Ann, mother of Clint Burns (4/19/74 - 12/23/98)

Hi Julane, I wanted to share with you a story of what happened to me about 2 weeks ago. Sometimes of a morning I go out on the porch with my coffee and look out across the yard and I talk to my daughter Brenda and tell her good morning. This one particular morning, I came out on the porch with my coffee and I looked across the yard and I said, "Good morning. I wish you were here." And, shortly, I saw this white butterfly come into the yard and it was flying in the flowers, and I said, "Oh Brenda, is that you come to your Mom." The butterfly came flying around and then another one came in the yard and I said, "Brenda have you brought Judy with you?" (this is Maggie StJohns' daughter) and when I said this, the two butterflies came near where I was standing and they came next to each other and fluttered around together when I was talking. It was just an amazing site.(see Brenda in Darren's Friends Album)

Thank you for this wonderful site for our Angels Julane. God Bless You, Jane

From Sascha Wagner: I haven't told anyone, because my secret feels a little crazy. But we here understand such things, don't we. And you may feel a little less alone, when you hear about my ritual. I must begin by telling you that I am a person who loses things with disconcerting regularity. It no longer bothers me to have to go through my little house, looking for keys, or outgoing mail, or a book that needed to be back at the library yesterday. If I have gone through the house twice without finding what I am looking for, I talk to Eve, my daughter, who died by suicide 28 years ago. "You need to find this for me" I will say, sometimes out loud. And the lovely thing is that most of the time I do find the lost item. And then I say "thank you", quite sincerely. I don't mind losing things often -- it keeps Eve very close to me.

Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon Coast After my baby girl Rachel died last May, I went back to the west coast to spread her ashes and had a hard time deciding when and where to do it. I decided to drive to the coast and look for a spot that felt right, and ended up at a very beautiful lighthouse; the spot I chose was on the trail that led up to the lighthouse keeper's home, tucked in the woods with the sweet sound of birds chirping, the sound of the waves crashing just behind me, and a little waterfall that led out to the sea. I was very hesitant about scattering Rachel's ashes there, but it was such a peaceful, beautiful spot and it just felt right.

The next night, I fell asleep in the guest room at my dad's house and woke up a short time later because someone whispered into my ear twice, "Wake up and look out the window, Jenny, it's OK." I thought it was my brother but no one was there when I woke up, and when I looked through the blinds, all I could see was the porch light on the house across the street and I thought to myself "Ok, what I am supposed to be looking at?". Right about then, that porch light became very bright and seemed to rise a bit, and everything around it took on a hazy, darker apperance, as though it was underwater. I felt the most amazing sense of peace and warmth as I stared in awe, but I was also a little startled and couldn't believe what I was seeing. My heart was racing, so I buried my face in my pillow and told myself to calm down and go back to sleep, and the next morning when I asked my brother if he had tried to wake me up, he looked at me like I was crazy.

I am convinced that an angel whispered into my ear that night so that I could have a glimpse of Rachel's spirit and know that she is happy; I was apprehensive because I didn't have a traditional burial and I really felt like her spirit wanted to let me know she was pleased with the way I'd done it, too. I feel very lucky to have had such an experience, and I only wish more bereaved parents could experience something like this.

Occasionally, I'll see beautiful yellow butterflies that come very close to me, and I always think of Rachel when I see them. Thanks for letting me share my story. Jen

On the day we let our daughter Diana go, a white dove flew into my neighborhood and we had never seen it before. It visited us every day and sat over the swing when my friend and I sat and talked. It even ate out of our hand. We called it Diana. It came everyday for about three months then we never saw it again. I think someone else must have needed reassurances more than we did at that time.

She had given her friend a porcelain dove for Christmas with the note, "As long as you have one and I have the other, we will be friends through Eternity." Her friend had cancer. He passed away three days later.

We put her dove in her hand to take with her to the grave and we were praying the rosary and I thought, "that dove looks like it would fly away." I stood up to greet someone and turned around and the dove was sitting on top of her hand. No one has ever been able to explain how that happened. She was a very special person and she has sent our whole family many signs to let us know she is happy where she is. Yesterday, October 2nd was her birthday and she would have been thirty seven years old. It has been five and a half years but we still miss her as if it were yesterday. Thank you for letting me share with you.

a rainbow in dark clouds My son, Charles Lynn Pendleton, was killed in an automobile accident on December 8, 1991 at the age of 23 years, 5 months, and 13 days. About six months later (that next spring) I was having a terribly difficult day. It was pouring down rain and I was in the pits of agony. I drove out to the cemetery in the rain. Chuck's grave is just two rows back from a road that goes through the cemetery. Since it was raining so hard I decided to just sit as close to him as I could but stay in the car. I was beside myself. I was crying, screaming, begging him to let me know he was okay. I was angry at the world for "going on" without my precious son.

I kept asking God why He had allowed this tragedy to fall on me and why He had decided to let my child die. I couldn't understand. All I knew was that I was devastated beyond description and had never felt so helpless and completely out of control in my entire life! After about twenty minutes of sitting there in that heavy downpour under that blackened sky, I felt the need to pray my rosary. I held those rosary beads so tightly that I could feel them digging into the flesh of my fingertips. I could hear my own voice so I knew I was praying, but the words were just words. I knew not what I was saying.

When I finished praying the rosary, I made the sign on the cross and I slowly lifted my head and opened my eyes. I was absolutely in awe of what I saw. What I wouldn't have given to have had a camera with me, but that's okay that I didn't because for as long as I live on this earth, that image will be, forever, implanted in my mind and in my heart. The sky was still completely black except for a small patch in the southeastern sky. In that space was the most incredibly beautiful rainbow that I had ever seen in my life.

At that moment I knew that my child WAS okay! He was safe. He was home! He was in my heart and would never be further away from me than inside my heart. To this day when I am having one of those "harder" days, I think of that rainbow and find peace within my heart and mind. Chuck lives on and he always will. God is good.......He loved me that day as He always has. He allowed me to find that peace and reassurance that my son was and always will be with me and okay.
    Chuck's Mom Forever... Mary Catherine Jones - See Chuck in Darren's Friends in Heaven Album.

Julane, I wanted to share my story about my son Richie who was killed on May 8,1998. The pain never goes away, the tears are always there, but I know he is close-by because when I ask why or am just really having a bad day, I hear this whisper in my ear, "I love you mom," and then smell the scent of a cigarette. He has contributed too, in other ways, but this happens the most and then I feel a sense of peace within myself. Please visit Richard Preen's site in Darren's Friends Heaven Album. Thanks, Richie's mom

I recently discovered this web site. My son died almost 4 years ago and I have told few this story as I thought they would think I had totally lost it. When my son died the music Pastor of our church wrote a song for him. There was a phrase "holding Jesus' hand, gently gazing on his face." A few months after I received this tape, I was at my son's grave. As I sat crying in my car, I looked up in the sky and clearly saw a cloud formation of our Lord Jesus holding a small child, gazing lovingly upon him. I like to think this was the sign that although my precious son was no longer in my care he was safe and so very happy. I have this tape available to all bereaved parents. This song so clearly bridges the gap between us on earth and the fortunate souls in heaven. You may email DAWN about getting this tape.

While at the cemetery yesterday for our small ceremonial tokens to commemorate our Mark's third Heavens Day anniversary, we also paid tribute to other angel friends with dates in common by releasing balloons and throwing petals, with the assistance of my dearest friend, Pat.

We first released the balloon for Cory with his angel pic attached. It immediately rose to lofty heights and headed north. We then released the balloon for Darren, Maki, and Andy with the "three angels" pic attached. Again, the balloon immediately rose to a lofty height and then headed north.

It was then time for the balloon release for our Mark, our Airmail to Heaven. The balloons first rose a bit, drifted south and parallel to the ground, heading south...then up to a lofty height, then slowly down again about half way to the ground. From there, the balloons headed east and then north just below the tree line for approximately 100 yards, then slightly west, making sort of a semi circle pattern around us as we stood near Mark's grave. The balloons then lifted, dipped briefly once more, then were off, up and away, proceeding north, like the first two balloons. This whole process took about ten minutes.

Coincidence? Well, maybe, but, there was little wind, and no noticeable change in wind direction. It was as though the path was just Divinely different enough, as though Mark was telling us he was okay, and just lingered a bit, before having to go so that we would know. I believe this was my sign for which I've been praying. I had goose bumps and the outside temp was a record 108 F.

Mark Duncan is in the Friends in Heaven Photo Album. Please visit and see more beautiful photos.

Saturday, December 9, 2000

After cleaning the house, I became very sleepy which is unusual for me in the afternoons. I laid down on my bed with a magazine and within minutes, I fell asleep. The phone rang and when I answered it, I heard a very familiar voice. It was Bryan. “Heeeeeyyyyyy Mom, How are you?”
I was so excited to hear his voice, that I could barely speak. I just could not believe that I was actually hearing his voice. The voice that I have so longed to hear. I was almost speechless and so excited! “How am I? How are you, Bud”
“Mom, I’m doing great. I’m in school and on the Honor Roll”
“The Honor Roll? I am so proud of you.”
“That’s what I wanted to hear you say.”
“Bud, you know I am proud of you. I have always been proud of you.”
“They give me a lot of homework. It takes one to two hours every day to do my homework.”
“Well, please keep doing your homework.”
“Oh, I have to. If I don’t turn in my homework, I will be kicked out of the X-men and I just got in.”
“The X-Men? What is that?”
“Mom, that’s what they call the honor roll!”
“Well, I didn’t know. Oh gosh, Bryan it is SO GOOD to hear your voice. I have missed you so much. I can’t believe that I am talking with you! Bryan, can you hold on a minute?”
“What for?”
“I want to run downstairs and cut on the recorder on the answering machine so that I can record this that I can hear your voice again. It won’t take but a minute”
“I love you, Mom”    Mickey Godfrey, Bryan's Mom Forever

This isn't an Angel Hug story but I think many of you will recognize the specialness of it and some of you may have even had nearly the same experience. JG

My special angel passed away 12/12/1959 in Hawthorne, Ca. Her name is Vicki Lynn Tune she was 4 1/2 when she went to live with Jesus. Vicki had a cancer called "Neuro-Blastoma" - what a silent killer. One day she was as healthy as she could be, the next her abdomen was filed with this deadly killer. Vicki was a very precious little angel and I feel so blessed that our Heavenly Father let me be her Mom for a short while and care for her until he wanted her back.

Vicki had many special things happen to her while she was sick, such a long eight months. A couple of weeks after her surgery all of the family came out to see her, we knew her days were numbered. All the visitors decided to go to Disneyland, of course Vicki could not go, but her Nanny asked her what she wanted, Vicki wanted a tinker bell. The first night she had the tinker bell I heard it ringing in the middle of the night, I went running into her room thinking something was wrong. I turned on the light and asked, "whats wrong sweetie?" Vicki started laughing and said, "I just wanted to see if you would come." What a character she was. But there were many nights to come when she really did need me and I would hear the little tinkle of the bell.

One night she rang it and I went into her room, she said to me, "Mommy do you see them?" Thinking she was hallucinating, I turned on the lamp by her bed. Her eyes were wide open and she said to me again, "Mommy do you see them?" I answered, "Who" She said "the angels." I said, "Where are they?" And she said, "There's one there and there and there and there." Indicating each corner of her bed. Each one had different colored hair, Vicki was very detailed about their description. Then she pointed to the foot of her bed and said, "He is right there." I asked who?, she said, "Jesus, and he is holding out his arms for me to come to him. But I am not ready yet."

She was in and out of the hospital many times during the eight months. The last time she went in the hospital we knew she would not be coming home with us, but going home with her Heavenly Father. At the end she asked me again, "Mommy do you see them?" I said no honey, she said, "well Jesus is here and He is holding out His arms again, I think I will go with Him this time cause I am really, really tired." Those were the last words she spoke, then she went into a semi-coma and a few hours later she went home with Jesus.

You know the years have passed but its as if it was yesterday, I never stop missing her or wondering what her life would have been. I have since lost a grand-son Zac/16 and a grand-daughter Natalia/17. The pain from losses like these is almost unbearable, there is no medication we can take to help this kind of pain. However, our Heavenly Father knows and feels our pain with us and we are never without his grace and love. I just wanted to share this with all the parents who have had their special angels go home. Betty Donaldson

Since my only son, Bryan (age 22), died in June 1999, I have celebrated no holidays. Everyday is the same to me and I have no reason to celebrate.
I called my ex-husband, Pinky, who is the father of my son, and told him I was coming to town and asked if I could “hang-out” with him and his girlfriend New Year’s Eve since they were staying home. This is the home where my son lived. On New Year’s Eve, there was one other person at the house....a childhood friend of my ex-husband’s and of course he had been a friend of mine for the past 25 years. He knew my son from birth and was his god-father.
As the night progressed, we cut on the television and we were watching Rocking in the New Year with Dick Clark. Pinky and his girlfriend were sitting on the couch, our friend was sitting in a chair and I was on the floor sitting beside the fireplace at the end of the hearth. There was one of those firelogs in the fireplace. Just enough fire to give the room a soft glow. As the ball dropped, none of us said, “Happy New Year”. I hugged Pinky’s girlfriend and just softly said, “Another Year”. She understood. Pinky asked me if I wanted a “Jack and Coke”. I hesitated and then I said yes. Bryan drank Jack and Coke and I was going to drink one for him - in his memory. I took one sip and placed the glass to my left on the hearth. As I turned my head to talk, we all heard a loud explosion. We all looked around to see what had happened. My glass had EXPLODED! This was a heavy cocktail glass. There was not one shard of glass to be found on the hearth and not one piece on me although I was sitting one foot away from the hearth. I felt the hearth to see if perhaps it was hot but it is made of limestone and was very cool to the touch. Even the fire was not giving off heat. It was as if someone had dropped that glass from 50 feet in the air. We all looked at each other in amazement and we were all speechless and looking at each other with our mouths hanging open. I was finally the first to speak. “Bryan is around me all the time. You can believe me or not, I don’t care, but Bryan is here with us.”

Our son, Michael Anthony was going to be the light at the end of our long dark tunnel. January 1, 2000, my husband's father died after a terrible bout with cancer. My mother, the most special woman I will have ever known, battled cancer for 5 years and died an agonizing death on Father's Day, 2000. My husband, our 2 children and I were totally devastated. I was pregnant at the time and due in July. We were looking forward to Mikey's arrival so much. We needed some happiness in our life. We knew he would rejuvenate us. He was born three days early on July 23, 2000, and was absolutely gorgeous. I was told by the doctors that he had a loose knot in his umbilical cord and had he not been by c-section, he would have been stillborn. I looked at the picture I was holding of my Mom and thanked her with tears in my eyes. This was truly a miracle. Only hours later we were told of the horrible news. Michael was born with many problems and although he looked normal he would not live long. He lived for 8 weeks and we loved spending every minute with our precious baby. However, we were devastated once again. Mikey died on September 17, 2000. On what would have been his 3 month birthday, I sang Happy Birthday to a picture of him that I had leaning against a candle in my room. It wasn't in a frame yet, just a photo leaning. I didn't touch it but, when I finished singing, the picture popped. It didn't fall it just sort of flexed and went back to the way it was. My eyes nearly bugged out of my head. I ran from my bedroom yelling for my husband. At the time he was struggling with his spirituality but other incidents have made him a believer. That was our baby's way of saying he was with grandma and grandpa and that they are all okay. I now look for signs all the time and feel so comforted by them. Thank you for letting me share my story.
Vita    ^i^ Michael Anthony - 7/23-9/17/00

Hi, my name is Evie. I want to tell you a story about my brush with my angel girl's wings. It was one of those hot, sticky, no air blowing, summers nights. I and my fiancé was sitting on our back deck relaxing after dinner and chatting. We came on the topic of my daughter who had passed when she was 2 yrs old. We often talked about her. My fiance never knew her but he feels he does from our talks and photos. As I'm telling another story, all of a sudden this force blew right passed my left side. Now mind you its one of those still nights with no air blowing. I turn to follow to see what it was and there was nothing but you could see were it went through our bushes as they parted. Right then and there I knew it was my angel girl Meranda. I could feel her presence all around me. I cried because I now knew she's with me always and she's just letting me know she's around still and she's ok.

My angel Tahnee Sue left us on June 2, 1999. She was 21 years old.
Summer was passing, my dread of autumn and of winter was upon me every moment. I have always felf a sadness in the fall, because everything dies. It was magnified that first year and I truly did not know if I would survive the pain.
On August 6th the leaves had not even begun to change yet, but I knew it was going to happen. Suddenly, I looked up and a leaf began swirling down ever so slowly, I reached out and it landed softly in my hand. Perfect, green, gold and red and there was Tahnee's voice whispering in my ear, "Everything will be alright, Mom."
Well, autumn came and I was still in my own world of pain and isolation. A nurse I worked with told me about a little white dog I would just fall in love with. I already had my daughter's dog; I felt disloyal even thinking about another dog, but i did go see the dog, a little white shizu-pu. It looked like a tiny sheered lamb. Well, I brought her home and by the time the snow began to fall she was a total fluff of white curls and big dark eyes. I still had not formally named her, until I began taking her outside in the snow. Now, I never was one to go out and play in the snow for years and there I was watching this little curly snow ball go blip, blip, splat in the snow. Every night we would go out and play in the snow under the stars, I wasn't even cold. I could feel Tahnee watching us sometimes, feeling the warmth from her.
I finally named my little fluff of a dog, Minx. This had been my nick-name for Tahnee since she was a little thing, because she was so full of fun and antics just like this little dog.
I love you forever, my darling Tahnee. Just as you did on earth, you have given me sweet magicical moments from heaven. Thank you, angel of mine. Mommy

My son Roland died on April 23,2002 on his motorcycle. He was 26. He is so missed.
The other day I was doing some cleaning that needed it bad sense his death. I was in the bedroom and I heard a noise which I thought was our dogs. I went into the kitchen and on my table was a blue rose. You see my son loveed the color blue and he loved roses. I know he had to have sent it because there is nothing in my house that has roses of blue in it. I know he was saying, "I am OK Mom." Thank You, Mary

Julane, This is my Roland. I told you about the blue rose he sent me. This picture did not have the bright light in the background when Roland and I put it on the Internet. Right after he died I went in to send it to someone and You see What I saw, The Light is all around him he was my light. Thank You for listening. God Bless, Mary

On a hurried morning in December as I rushed to get ready to leave home, I ran to the kitchen to get that last cup of coffee and tend to last minute tasks before leaving the house. To my astonishment, as I glanced toward the living room I was transfixed suddenly from a glance to a gaze at my son’s portrait. This is a most precious, treasured oil painting done by my sister, Anne from Mark’s photo taken on his eighth birthday.
To my surprise, a portion of his portrait was illuminated with a perfect circle of light illuminating only his face in the portrait. I quickly raced to the living room and looked all around, moving each and every conceivable item, i.e., picture frames, candle holders, anything that might be reflecting such a circle of light upon the face of my son’s portrait. There was nothing in the room or without, causing this reflection, but instead, the illuminated face of my angel seemed to come from within with no explicable outside source.
I just smiled and with chills, said, “Thank You, Son! Good morning to you, too!” So my treasured, special gift was made even dearer that day by a most precious gift, I’m convinced, a surprise message, a hello, a special angel hug from my son who resides above.

DisneyWorld at Chrismas - Julane, I have to tell you that when we walked into Lisa's room at the Holiday Inn, we got the surprise of our lives and it just made the whole week so special.
The kids' rooms were all themed - Disney, cartoons, jungle, nascar, etc. We didn't have a choice for a theme. Well, anyway, when we walked into Lisa's suite, it was the NASCAR theme. In the kids' room were bunk beds and a roll away cot. The mural on the wall was from the Charlotte race with Dale Earnhart and Jeff Burton's cars. Remember on Andy's website CLICK TO SEE, about the decal, (The Roush Racing Team had sent flowers to the Funeral Home and also made a memorial decal to put on Jeff Burton's #99 car), that was the car and the race! Can you believe it? Well, it just helped Link, Lisa and I to really feel like a complete, whole family for the first time in 5 years. We all felt that Andy was there with us.

My daughter Danielle was the joy of our lives, so beautiful and full of mischief like any almost two year old. She had a twinkle in her eye that would melt anyones heart. One of her later favourite things was to hide things that didn't belong to her (especially the remote control!). My parter - her father - had a special greenstone fishook on a string (it was supposed to help to catch positive energies). Three weeks or so before she died it completely disappeared - he would hang it on the bedpost at night and one morning - gone! I hunted everywhere for it and when asked, Danielle would just grin and run off.
She died in her sleep (still causes unkown) at aged 21 months in February of 2001. We battled through that first day trying not to fall into the blackness that surrounded us. That night we were lying in bed holding each other when the most amazing sense of warmth and peace fell over us. It was such an amazing feeling - like tiny sparkly warm raindrops covering us and tingling. I almost cried with joy. We slept so well, which amazed us both - I thought I would never sleep again. When we woke in the morning - you guessed it, his greenstone necklace was back where it belonged, hanging on the bedpost! I know she came and kissed us goodbye that night, and we thanked her for giving back the necklace, it holds such a greater place in our hearts than we could ever have imagined!
Thank you and God Bless!

My son, Jeff, shot himself on Christmas day, 2001. Long story, he was 31, I miss him every day and will never be the same. On the following Easter, I had a Christmas Cactus that was given to me at his funeral. It bloomed with one red flower and I felt Jeff was telling me he had been resurrected and was OK and in heaven with God. When the following Christmas came the cactus bloomed as it was supposed to with every stem having a bloom. I really knew then that Jeff had sent me a message from heaven on Easter because we all know that Christmas Cactus blooms once a year on Christmas. He is with Jesus and at peace. His message brought me peace too. Thanks. Patti Robinson

By Julane: My mother died on Dec. 7, 1987 and a friend I worked with gave me a little pink Christmas cactus. For the first few years, it was always in bloom on December 7th (and done blooming, way before Christmas) but after those first few years, it also was in bloom on February 15th, which is my mom's birthday. Well, this year February came and went and it didn't bloom, I felt kind of sad about that. However, it is blooming now and I know the reason, my brother's dear wife died last April 21st and I am sure it is blooming to tell me (and my brother) that Pam is in heaven with our mother. I really wish someone had given me a Christmas cactus when Darren died, because now, I truly believe they are a direct link to heaven. Jeff's cactus blooms at Christmas, his heaven anniversary, my mom's cactus is not in bloom at Christmas but rather on December 7th and her birthday. Blooming at Easter is certainly a sign from heaven.

Hi there,
I lost my only child, my 15 year old son, Devon on March 13th of this year from complications of Cystic Fibrosis.
Just this last Saturday, August 5th, we held 'The 1st Annual Devon Riley Memorial Pig Roast for Cystic Fibrosis' to honour Dev's memory. It was a fantastic day and we raised $3000 and had a fantastic turnout. Anyways, after everyone had gone home, I was across the street from my house packing up all the leftovers and my sister had taken the extra rolls into the house. All of a sudden she is yelling at me from my front porch to come home, I walk up my front steps and she is just standing on the porch and she says to me, "Look who's here!", I look around and there is nobody but the two of us. She points to the fig tree on my porch and there perched in it was a beautiful white homing pidgeon.
The bird was amazing, it allowed every member of my family to pet it and whenever one of us spoke to it, it would stare as if it knew who we were and understood what we were saying. Whenever I would step out of view of the bird it would turn itself on the branch so that it could see me. The bird stayed there the entire night and has come back every night since for an hour or so and it just sits on my porch railing in front of me staring at me with it's head cocked as I talk to it.
I am convinced that bird is my boy coming to visit, as my sister said, it couldn't be more appropriate that it is a homing pidgeon, she said it's Devon come home.

My Son Jacob passed away on the 16th of June 2005 after a 20 month battle with Leukaemia we were all as you would expect struggling with his loss. One Morning a few weeks after Jacob left us his brother Ryan came into the room with a smile on his face (I hadn't seen him smile for what felt like forever) "Mum I had a dream about Jake last night." Ryan was worried it would make me cry but I asked that he tell me. Ryan's dream went like this...
He was running through the park with Jacob's dog "Bonnie" and saw Jake sitting on the park bench (Ryan said he looked just like he did before he got leukaemia blonde haired and healthy) Ryan walked over to Jacob, sat down and said "Hi Jake how's heaven?" Jake smiled and said "heaven was great But.... they make him go to school there! with that he gave a little frown and smirked..;-) Ryan said they both had a laugh and he got up and started back on his run. He was so happy after the "dream" he said it had to have been Jacob because he couldn't imagine anyone else saying something like that.
Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. Regards, Jacob's Mum

Hi, I lost my 16 year old son Cory Dale in a tragic car accident June 7th, 2003 just nine days before his 17th birthday. He was the baby out of six children and everyone's pride and joy. Every year our family tradition was to put up our Christmas tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Well, I absolutely could not bring myself to put up the tree that first year because I knew Cory was not going to be with us for Christmas so I cried myself to sleep that Sunday afternoon wondering how I was going to be able to do this for the rest of the family. That afternoon I had my first dream of Cory. I dreamed we had some outside Christmas decorations (a Santa, sleigh and reindeer which at the time I did not have and had never had) that was high in the air like Santa was about to take off only Santa wasn't in the seat it was Cory. In my dream I told him, "Cory you need to get down from there, you're going to get hurt." He said "Mama I'm alright, I'm happy up here." I woke up crying but a different cry than when I cried myself to sleep. It was a bittersweet cry knowing my precious son was telling me that he was very happy, he loves us very much and my husband pointed out to me that that was our beautiful Cory's way of saying "Mom, Dad it's alright to put up the Christmas tree, I'll be with you during the Holidays. Because of that dream, I was able to keep the tradition up knowing he was with me helping me decorate. That was six months after Cory's accident.
My husband's first dream of Cory was about two months after his accident. On the way to the cemetery after Cory's funeral, I looked at my husband and said I wish they ( the police escort where I worked) would hurry up and get to the cemetery (I had been sick at my stomach during all of this) and my husband looked at me and said, don't rush them this is my boy's last ride. Of course I fell to pieces I had never even thought about that. Two months later my husband dreamed that he and Cory were riding in a car, my husband in the back seat and Cory in the front passenger seat and Cory just turned around for no apparent reason and patted my husband on the leg and said "Dad, I'm okay I'm right here". That was Cory's way of letting his daddy know he was in Heaven and okay and I believe in my heart that Cory knew what his daddy said about that being Cory's last ride and that was Cory's way of saying "I'm with you always". Our son is with our Heavenly Father and he's well taken care of and happy and Cory found a way to let us know he's okay. The pain of losing Cory will always be with us but we know in our hearts God won't let Cory feel our pain but he lets us know he's okay and it's God's and Cory's way of saying he will always be with us in everything we do.

I would like to share our angel hug with you. My daughter Chloe was just 3 months shy of her fourth birthday when she accidentally passed away in July 2007. Chloe was unbelievable smart and funny for her age. She had a vast vocabulary, vivid imagination and great sense of humor. Life is horrible without her. After her passing we noticed so many butterfly's. It seemed that most of the times we were crying or in total despair a butterfly would suddenly appear. In fact while my husband was explaining these events to a co-worker, a monarch butterfly flew out of nowhere fighting the wind. It landed right on my husband's head! His co-worker was astonished. One day, when the final warm days of fall passed and there were no more butterflies to be seen, my husband prayed for a sign to let us know that Chloe was still with us. That same day, my husband noticed flocks of many birds all around the area he was working. At the same time he felt a bad taste in his mouth and thought to himself that he wished he had a mint to take away this bad taste. A second after this thought something flew from the sky hitting the ground and shattering into small pieces. When my husband looked around to see what it was that shatter, he found that it was a red and white striped candy mint. He looked up and saw a black crow looking at him. He immediately knew that it was Chloe, she was with him and she still had her great sense of humor. Many times when I feel profoundly sad, I feel a cool tingling, goose bump sensation and I know that Chloe is with me. Several days before she passed, I remember holding her body around my waist as we watched fireworks together on the fourth of July. I remember a strange feeling that I just wanted that fourth of July night to last forever. I can still feel the weight of her in my arms to this day. My husband knows that she is with him when he gives these sudden pangs of hopelessness and he just can feel her presence around him. I believe that we will all be with our children soon. I must continue to live for our other children. Chloe has three older brothers and a younger sister Meadow. The children as well as the signs that Chloe is still with us helps us make it though each day. I leave you with my prayers and wishes for faith, courage and peace for every family that has lost their precious child. Thank you for letting us share our story with you,
Chloe's forever loving parents Susan and Mike


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